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Synthesis, processing and functionalisation of graphene and graphene-based materials; integration of graphene and graphene-based materials in applications such as solar cells, batteries, sensors and fuel cells; analysis of graphene and graphene nanocomposites using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and the development of advanced Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) and tomography techniques using SEM


Meganne Christian is a post-doctoral researcher in the field of graphene research at IMM-CNR, where she has been working since 2014. She was awarded her PhD in Industrial Chemistry in 2014 from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Chemistry at the same university in 2009, for which she was awarded Honours Class 1 and the University Medal. Meganne has 10 papers in academic journals (5 with impact factor >6) as well as 7 international conference oral presentations and 7 posters. She has received a number of awards, including the Dean's Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Research for her doctoral studies, the UNSW Research Excellence Award, the National Postgraduate Student Energy Award from the Australian Institute of Energy, and best presentation/poster awards at 4 international conferences. Her current expertise is in Scanning Electron Microscopy and Chemical Vapour Deposition, and she is skilled in a wide range of other laboratory synthetic and analytical techniques.

Curriculum (PDF): 

Scientific Productions

Elisa Musella, Isacco Gualandi, Erika Scavetta, Massimo Gazzano, Arianna Rivalta, Elisabetta Venuti, Meganne Christian, Vittorio Morandi, Domenica Tonelli

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Dispersion Stability and Surface Morphology Study of Electro-chemically Exfoliated Bilayer Graphene Oxide

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Three-dimensional microporous graphene decorated with lithium

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Graphene loop heat pipe in space

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Journal of Materials Chemistry B [Royal Society of Chemistry],

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An Interhemispheric Perspective on Environment and Energy

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An Interhemispheric Perspective on Environment and Energy.

International Journal of Performability Engineering [], Volume: 11 Issue: 6

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STEM electron tomography in the Scanning Electron Microscope

Journal of Physics: Conference Series [IOP Publishing], Volume: 644 Issue: 1 Pages: 012012

Qiwen Lai, Meganne Christian, Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou

Nanoconfinement of borohydrides in CuS hollow nanospheres: A new strategy compared to carbon nanotubes

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Meganne Christian, Kondo-François Aguey-Zinsou

Synthesis of core–shell NaBH 4@ M (M= Co, Cu, Fe, Ni, Sn) nanoparticles leading to various morphologies and hydrogen storage properties

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Meganne Christian, Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou

Synthesis of core-shell NaBH4@ M (M= Co, Cu, Fe, Ni, Sn) nanoparticles leading to varied morphologies (vol 49, pg 6794, 2013)

CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS [ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY], Volume: 49 Issue: 100 Pages: 11825-11825

Meganne L Christian, Kondo-François Aguey-Zinsou

Core–shell strategy leading to high reversible hydrogen storage capacity for NaBH4

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David L Marshall, Meganne L Christian, Ganna Gryn'ova, Michelle L Coote, Philip J Barker, Stephen J Blanksby

Oxidation of 4-substituted TEMPO derivatives reveals modifications at the 1-and 4-positions

Organic & biomolecular chemistry [Royal Society of Chemistry], Volume: 9 Issue: 13 Pages: 4936-4947

Meganne Christian, Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou

Destabilisation of complex hydrides through size effects

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Meganne Christian, Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou

Effect of Size on the Hydrogen Storage Properties of Complex Hydrides

Chemeca 2010: Engineering at the Edge; 26-29 September 2010, Hilton Adelaide, South Australia [Engineers Australia], Pages: 1268

M Christian, L Venturi, L Ortolani, F Liscio, R Rizzoli, V Palermo, V Morandi

Synthesis of High-Density Graphene Foams Using Nanoparticle Templates

GraphITA [Springer, Cham], Pages: 185-196