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Taking part in  fabrication of the resistive siwtching devices, electrical characterization, and understanding of the switching properties. He is also taking part in developing programs for carrying out electrical characterization.


Mrinmoy Dutta has joined the group led by Dr. Sabina Spiga in the H2020 MEMSCALES project in March, 2021. His current research area includes exploring the cation based memory devices for analogue computing. He has authored and co-authored articles in various journals such as Advanced Electronic Materials, Vacuum, Electronics, etc. and taken part in various conferences such as IMW, IWDTF, VLSI-TSA, etc. 

Mrinmoy Dutta has carried out PhD research work on cation based memory devices in Chang Gung University, Taiwan. During PhD he was a recipient of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan project grant for carrying out research on resistive switching memory devices and their application. His thesis title was: Improvement of resistive switching memory using Cu filament based interfacial engineering in high-k/MoS2 electrolyte and its neuromorphic/bio-sensing application. He has pursued Master of Technology in Materials Sc. and Engineering from Jadavpur University with GATE scholarship awarded by Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Govt. of India. He has also pursued Masters of Science in Electronics from University of Calcutta. 

His research activities are available in https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=U6R5hD0AAAAJ&hl=en. 

His hobbies include numismatics, traveling, hiking, and planting.


Scientific Productions

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