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Scientific Productions

Francesco La Via, Luca Belsito, Ferri Matteo, Sergio Sapienza, Alberto Roncaglia, Marcin Zielinski, Viviana Scuderi

Residual Stress Measurement by Raman on Surface-Micromachined Monocrystalline 3C-SiC on Silicon on insulator

Materials Science Forum [Trans Tech Publications Ltd], Volume: 1062 Pages: 320-324

Roberta Nipoti, Maria Concetta Canino, Sergio Sapienza, Michele Bellettato, Giovanna Sozzi, Giovanni Alfieri

Activation Energy for the Post Implantation Annealing of 1019 cm-3 and 1020 cm-3 Ion Implanted Al in 4H SiC

Materials Science Forum [Trans Tech Publications Ltd], Volume: 963 Pages: 416-419

Sergio Sapienza, Matteo Ferri, Luca Belsito, Diego Marini, Marcin Zielinski, Francesco La Via, Alberto Roncaglia

Measurement of Residual Stress and Young’s Modulus on Micromachined Monocrystalline 3C-SiC Layers Grown on< 111> and< 100> Silicon

Micromachines [Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute], Volume: 12 Issue: 9 Pages: 1072

Giovanna Sozzi, Sergio Sapienza, Roberta Nipoti, Giovanni Chiorboli

OCVD Measurement of Ambipolar and Minority Carrier Lifetime in 4H-SiC Devices: Relevance of the Measurement Setup

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices [IEEE],

M Simonazzi, G Chiorboli, P Cova, R Menozzi, D Santoro, S Sapienza, C Sciancalepore, G Sozzi, N Delmonte

Smart soiling sensor for PV modules

Microelectronics Reliability [Pergamon], Volume: 114 Pages: 113789

S Sapienza, G Sozzi, D Santoro, P Cova, N Delmonte, G Verrini, G Chiorboli

Correlation between OCVD carrier lifetime vs temperature measurements and reverse recovery behavior of the body diode of SiC power MOSFETs

Microelectronics Reliability [Pergamon], Volume: 113 Pages: 113937